We unfortunately announce that we will not be able to attend the @European Solar Challenge, which will be held in Belgium on 18-20 September 2020, due to the problems we encountered during the pandemic period. In order to overcome the difficulties we encountered in these uncertain times, we tried to do everything we could as a team until the last moment. Due to Turkey’s stand in the red zone lists and continuation of the travel bans, traveling from Turkey to Belgium introduced us with a quite high uncertainty. In order to clarify the situation, we contacted every place we could reach, especially the Belgian Embassy, the Belgian Consulate, Airlines, Airport Police Chiefs. But we have not reached a positive finding on the status of travel between Turkey and Belgium.

All the preparations of the car, S10 that we will participate with, such as; ATA carnet, logistics planning, customs, insurance procedures and technical requirements were completed and it was ready for the race. Unavoidably, we could not send our vehicle because we could not clarify the travel situation between countries.

In this process, we would like to express our endless gratitude and thanks to our sponsors; @Gimis Girgin Makine who gave us the strength to take the first and biggest step in our participation in the race, @Gökbora Uluslararası Nakliyat which will cover our logistisc item expenses which is one of the our most importants items in the race, @Netes Mühendislik which has a great impact on our team’s preparation for the race by meeting the technical material deficiencies and our esteemed sponsor @Aged Atık Kağıt Geridönüşümcüler Derneği which supports us to cover our spending in the race process and all other supporters who believe in this project for supporting our team. We offer our respect, love and gratitude to the real heroes of the project, our teammates, our biggest supporters, our families, and we expect understanding of all our supporters.

As Team Solaris, we will continue our work by setting new goals without losing our strength and motivation. We will continue to do our best to overcome all difficulties on this path we are walking; we promise to do everything we can for our country, our world and science. We hope that this difficult pandemic process will end as soon as possible and we wish our world will return to its healthy days. Wishing you healthier, happier, peaceful and sunnier days…