The production of our 7th solar car S11, which we have been working on since February 2021, has been successfully completed.

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The aerodynamic design of our new car was completely designed by our team. The dimensions of our new car, the design of which was made in a bullet type, were recalculated, and reduced by carrying out intensive studies and calculations to be suitable for race formats and efficient use of the panel surface area. The body of the vehicle consists of polymer composite structures including bearing components, the driver’s console, and other in-car mechanisms.

In general, all systems except the battery and panel parts of our car are designed and manufactured by our team. The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which determines the efficiency of the energy from the sun, and the BMS (Battery Management System) that we use in monitoring the energy and in the safety of the car, were also designed and produced by our team. As a solar panel technology, we used semi-flexible panels with a monocrystalline structure with 18% efficiency.

In iLumen European Solar Challenge 2021, we raced every second of the race and did 187 laps. Comparing to our last iESC journey, we broke our record and set it into a new and higher level with S11.

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