Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

World Solar Challenge (WSC in short) is the world’s most prestigious solar vehicle race organized in Australia that attended by many universities from different countries around the world. In worldwide, it was born to contribute to the development of “environment” and “green” focused thinking. In WSC, which is a struggle for endurance rather than speed, the aim is to complete the distance of 3021 km from Darwin to Adelaide with solar energy as the shortest time as possible.

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Races are held every two years in three classes: Challenger, Cruiser and Adventure. Challenger is the class with the most unusual vehicle designs and the highest competition and participation. The Cruiser class consists of two or four-seater vehicles with designs that are somewhat more like road cars. Adventure class is the class where more traditional vehicles that not complied with the existing regulations produced in previous years are raced. Teams wishing to participate must review the race regulation that the organization has updated before each race, and design and manufacture vehicles according to these conditions. They should also apply to the race in accordance with the dates announced on the site. During this long marathon, the teams struggle with many difficulties and try to win. Although the actional race along the continent draws attention, there is a real engineering war at the backstage that continues as sweet competition between students.

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