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We are a team that was established in 2003 and with the pride of producing Turkey’s first solar-powered vehicle in 2005 we have obtained several achievements in this field and have successfully represented our country abroad since then.

We were the first Turkish team that receives a design award abroad at the Sun Life Design Competition held in Greece. Later, at the “Electric Vehicles Exhibition” held in Klagenfurt, Austria, we attracted attention as the only solar vehicle team.

Moreover, we have degrees in various categories in Formula G races organized for many years in our country. In addition to all of these, we have also participated in races in countries such as France, Belgium, Morocco, Egypt and Australia and achieved first place at the podium level.

Currently we have 11 vehicles, consisting of 6 Solar and 5 Electric, and the design, analysis and production processes of our vehicles are completely carried out within our team. Except for the battery and solar panel group, we produced all our electrical and mechanical components, particularly our electric motor, by ourselves, and achieved 90% locality rate.

Finally, in 2019, we have showed success of participating 2 different squads, 2 different races, 2 different vehicles in 2 different continents at the same time. We continued our podium series in Moroccan Solar Challenge 19, the first of two races which we attended for the third time with a special invitation.

The other race was Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 19 which is the most prestigious race of its field by crossing 3000km in the continent of Australia, and we were the only Turkish Team that showed up in this race.

As a result, with the support of our sponsors and the endless efforts of our teammates, we aim to save our reputation in the international arena by raising our level further and adding new ones to our achievements.


Latest news from Team Solaris.

Sponsorumuz POLİCAM

Geçtiğimiz dönem bronz sponsorlarımızdan olan değerli destekçimiz Işık Plastik/Policam’ı tanıyalım. Policam üretime başladığı 1997 yılından bu yana hizmet verdiği otomotiv, mobilya, beyaz eşya, açık hava reklamcılığı, inşaat gibi pek çok sektörde öncü firmalardandır. Son teknolojiyle Read more…

Sponsorumuz SARIGÖZOĞLU Makina ve Kalıp San. A.Ş.

Altın sponsorumuz ve değerli iş ortağımız Sarıgözoğlu A.Ş’yi yakından tanıyalım. 1957 yılında İzmir’de kurulan SARIGÖZOĞLU, yılların verdiği bilgi, tecrübe ve emek sayesinde bugün otomotiv sektörünün önde gelen markalarına hizmet vermektedir.1976 yılında Manisa’da, 1999’da Aksaray’da ve Read more…

Sponsorumuz ÇİFTAY İnşaat A.Ş

BWSC’19 Gümüş Sponsorumuz ve değerli iş ortağımız Çiftay İnşaat A.Ş‘yi yakından tanıyalım. Çiftay A.Ş, 50 yılı aşkın süredir Türkiye’de madencilik faaliyetleri gerçekleştiren bir Türk şirketidir. Ana faaliyet konuları maden işletme, cevher hazırlama ve işleme tesisi Read more…