Solaris Solar Car Team

Team Solaris is a community of academicians, young investors and researchers from undergraduate to Ph.D. level, who gathered around the idea of designing/creating a car powered by solar energy in December 2003. Until now, over one hundred and fifty researchers took part; three solar cars were designed and manufactured in Solaris Projects. At the moment, Solaris Team is motivated to manufacture the fourth solar car that will race in WSC-2013 with Solaris 7 Project.

Technical Specifications

We have 3 solar cars. We've been finished the design of 4th car S7 and now we are in the test process.There are many electronic and mechanical components which are produced by the team (MPPTs, BMS, Telemetry, BLDC Motor, composites body, suspension systems etc.)

S7 Smyrna S2 Erke