Solaris 7 (2013)


S7 (Solaris 7)


Now we have 3 solar vehicle and 4th vehicle is S7. Our aim is the next solar vehicle is much more efficient than previous one and to be much more feasible.

Fitting our 4.6 meters solar car into the cargo box which dimension is 3 meters  has collected large interest. This was a good start that we have completed the race with all own desingn and product systems (without PV).With this vehicle we raced at WSC 2013, Formula G 2013 and 2014, Moroccan Solar Race Challenge 2014.

Production process has been finished successfully and we made the first tests of S7. Test results is better, we have to work much more on the vehicle. You can reach the news about S7 here.



Produciton Year



4.6 m x 1.80 m x 1.20 m


175 kg (without pilot)

Body and Chassis

Body: Carbon Fiber


2 Front, 1 Rear


2 ½ -16”  Tubeless


16”  5 Spoke Alüminium Alloy Jant

P. V. Power

1350 Watt

P.V. Location

392 Adet - 10 cm X 10 cm – 6 m2

P.V. Efficiency

% 22.5

Nominal Voltage of the System

88.8 Volt

Max. Voltage of the System

108 Volt

Charging Unit Power

1 KWh

Battery Type


Charging Unit

Series groups number of 24. 11Ah Battery Cell


DC Brushless Motor

Max. Efficiency (Motor)

% 92

Nominal Power (Motor)

3000 Watt

Motor Tipi

Brushless DC Direct Drive

Nominal Revolotion (Motor)

980 RPM


Number of 4 (Solaris Design)

Max. Efficiency (MPPT)

% 98  (Solaris Design)