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Semi-final on the Henkel Innovation Challenge


Shortening the vehicle now becomes the issue of Henkel Innovation Challenge. On 28 February, 10 teams with us present their subjets to the contest jury..

According to the statement of Henkel: "Our vision at Henkel is to be a global leader in brands and technologies. Innovations are the basis for successfully turning this vision into reality. They assure our future viability and our capacity to adjust proactively in a world where change is constant."

A few details about the innovation project:

Over 3 meters is big problem with the budget of logistics and their cargo. So we had to shortened the car up to 3 meters. Otherwise, we could not send the vehicle because of the budget.

We had the vehicle has 4.6meters modular length. But, Cutting the vehicle is not easy. Because of the dynamic nature of the car and its complex systems like chassis, seat, position of the steering gear. We had decided to two-point cut. One of them was rear of the car and another one was front of the car. Cutting the front part of the vehicle is difficult but, cutting the rear part is most critica1 and important. At the front part of the car involves batteries and the front wheels shieldings. We had to cut up to the shieldings. And battery box consists of a half cage is made from carbon-fiber. So, we had to cut up to the battery box, too.

The rear part of the car involves an electric motor that is most critical and important device. A suspension system keeps the motor in line. We couldn't cut the suspension system. So, instead of that, we extract the rear wheel with hub motor. But now we are again of the new problem. The car must stand on their wheels. A new solution was installing a transport wheel instead of the hub motor. So, it did work. We had had one part of the bottom shell. Cutting the top shell was easier than the others. It was enough to one-point cut.After the calculating positions of the cables and container's length, we had cut. So we had had two parts of the top shell.

The last work was placing the parts into the container. We had hung the top shells into the container, and than bottom shell. The rest of the space had left and we had placed our goods. So; you can send your vehicle by cargo one third of the nominal cargo price.