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New 4th Vehicle : S7



Now we have 3 solar vehicle and 4th vehicle has done. Our aim is producing efficient solar cars than previous one and to be much more feasible. We have finished the process of producing the S7 at our school. We tested our solar car and its parts at Izmır Ülkü Race Track.

Our idea is making self-design and self-production parts that we will use in our solar cars. Like our another cars, S7 has 3 wheels. We had participated Formula G, that is the race held in Turkey, and we were 3rd place. Then following days, we participated Wold Solar Challenge 2013 and we completed the race. The he vehicle has gone approx. 1500 kms, by only solar energy that comes from sun. And at that time, the vehicle had included our self-product brushless DC Motor !

You can also reach our solar cars specifications and technical data from here.

Word Solar Challenge 2013, Australia