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World Solar Challenge (WSC) - 2013



         World Solar Challenge(WSC) Teams before and after the race fight the many difficulties. that is race preparations, producing cars, transporting the team and vehicle.. It's all about energy management. Based on the original notion that a 1000W car would complete the journey in 50 hours, solar cars are allowed a nominal 5kW hours of stored energy, which is 10% of that theoretical figure. All other energy must come from the sun or be recovered from the kinetic energy of the vehicle.

      The race starts with the first lighs of the day and ends with the sunset. After the day, teams stop for the their requirements and then camp for the resting the drivers where is the roadside on the big Australian deserts. During the race, WSC teams have 2 escort vehicle, one of them follow the solar vehicle and the another one goes front of the solar vehicle because of the reporting any accident will occur. Also teams have to rent trailer (or cargo glider) because of the requirements for the camp and solar vehicles..

The abroad universites like Michigan, Stanford, Tokai, Cambridge will participate the race with big exertion and big level of budget. These year from Turkey 4 participants are going to the WSC. That list is like that:

Anadolu University (Eskişehir), Uludağ University (Bursa), Dokuz Eylül University (İzmir) ve Istanbul Technical University (İstanbul). These table is honour of the Turkey.

Challenger Class

Anadolu Solar Team
Blue Sky Solar Racing

Cambridge University Eco Racing

EAFIT-EPM Solar Car Team

Eco Solar Breizh

Ecole de technologie superieure

Hachinohe Institute of Technology

Hanergy Solar-car Team

HAVIN Solar Car Team

ITS Solar Car Racing Team

JU Solar Team

Kanazawa Institute of Technology YUMEKOBO

Kogakuin University Solar Vehicle Project

KUST (Kookmin University Solar car Team)

Nuon Solar Team

Onda Solare

Punch Powertrain Solar Team

Seraaj Solar Car Team

Solar Energy Racers

Solar Team Twente

Stanford Solar Car Project


Team Arrow

Tokai University

Uludag University Mechanical Community


University of Michigan Solar Car Team

UWS Solar Car

Michelin Cruiser Class

Apollo Solar Car Team
GOKO highschool
HS Bochum, SolarCar-Team
Solar Team Eindhoven
TAFE SA SolaSpirit III
Team Okinawa
University of Calgary Solar Car Team
University of Minnesota
University of Tehran Solar Car Team
GoPro Adventure Class

Aurora Vehicle Association
IVE Solar Car Team
KAIT WSC Project
Mississippi Choctaw High School
SIKAT Solar Philippines
Sooner Solar Car Team
Team Solaris

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