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The First Solar Car Team of Turkey 

Tubitak Alternative Energy Races, Kocaeli - İzmit Körfez Race Track, August 2014


       Much of us might see solar car like that. While we are testing, going to any activity.. Do you know that one distinction between solar cars and our daily otomobiles is the using of the solar energy ? However, we can reach the normal high speed at the road as a otomobile's speed as. Let's examine closely.

     Our team have respresented Turkey successfully abroad and have been successful in the different areas since 2003 and to be continued. Our team was the prize in the Sun Life design competition  about the product design in Greece as the first Turkey team has been awarded in abroad. We participated "Electric Vehicles Exhibition" in Klagenfort, Austria. We have challenged in Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013 with our design & product electric motor against the another worldwide solar cars. We have completed 3000 kms with all our design & product elements except panels and batteries. In Moroccan Solar Race Challenge 2013 we had been 2nd position and the next year, in 2014, we were champion of the race through 10 foreign solar teams. In Formula G 2013, that is the race held in Turkey, we were 3rd position. The next year, in 2014, we were 3rd place at another category called Electic Vehicle Race having been held by Tubitak, in Turkey. So we had been taken the title of the team produces the 3rd most efficient electric vehicle.


Moroccan Solar Race Challenge, after the championship of our S7 vehicle, Benguerir/Morocco,
September 2014

Solaris Projects are been made by the team that is consist of 14 people who are engineers, academics and students. Design and production are made by the team. That project include R & D works and some of them is the original.

     In these days, there are various works about the uses of the renewable energy sources and solar energy is the most important source. In our country solar energy used for heating waters that's the way direct use of the solar energy.


 We can store the energy when the solar car's energy is over the normal value and then we can use that energy we want to use it. For example; we can charge the battery in our home when the energy is low.

     Now we have 4 solar vehicle. Our aim is the next solar vehicle is much more efficient than previous one and to be much more feasible.When people see our cars, the most attention is about its appereance .Because we have larger car than other daily otomobiles. Because of that, solar panels have limited and low efficiency.So we can not use the whole energy comes from sun, and loss energy is much more than we use.

        One car's price is approximately 200,000 Turkish Liras .But this table includes only material's price without our exertion. So all of that we consider, each car become priceless.

World Solar Challenge, after 3 thousand kilometers, Adalaide/Australia, October 2013 

 So, when will we have  cars like that ? Very soon ! But it is possible with us and social awareness. Our budget is limited. Sometimes we can not find support enough, so we have to pause all works. All we want is getting moral and material support.Seeing the solar car like that when we are waiting the red light in the traffic and all of that is up to us.
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                                                                                    Wish sunny days ..